Videas helps residents of nursing homes to see their loved ones via video chat.


We are proud to be 1 of the 20 best projects out of a total of 1.500 of the #WirVsVirus Hackathon of the Federal Government.

The Problem

The pandemic hits people living in care facilities especially hard. In Germany close to 1.000.000 people need full-time care.

Many facilities are forced to completely deny any visitors.

Social distancing

Increases the psychological strain on residents, their relatives and caregivers.

Contact ban

Multiple months of no social contacting, with no clear end in sight.

Isolation & consequences

Diseases like dementia can worsen.

The Solution

Videas helps care facilities to offer video calls to their residents, so they can stay in contact with their relatives.

Social Contact

to friends and family.

Easy integration

in the daily routine of caregivers.


of the emotional well-being of residents.

How it works

For care facilities

  • Set the timeframe, in which you want to allow videovisits.
  • Invite relatives to the calendar via link (automatically).
  • Provide a laptop or tablet and position it in a room with good wi-fi.
  • Done!
    Caregivers have evertime a overview and can help if needed.

For Relatives & Families

  • Relatives receive a permanent link and can constantly book a video visit independently.
  • Relatives can invite additional family members or friends as well.
  • Done!
    Relatives can book new dates at any time.

The Beginning

Organised by the Federal Government and the initiators, implemented by us in 48 hours.

Click on the video and see our result after 48 hours. #Prototype #WirVsVirus

There’s nothing like people working together!

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The Initiators

We are a team of founding-experienced business people, designers and techies. We also know families, that suffer because of the visitation bans since weeks and want to ease their pain.

Alex Schaeper

Mark Eggenstein

Jaye Pharrell

Chrysovalantis Theodoridis



Help us to build Videas as fast as possible.
Let us help those, that suffer because of the pandemic.